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“As a guardian to our livestock, you'd be surprised how cuddly he is with farm visitors."

“Hanging outside during the day, Shadow is our house-dog, and tends to sleep in her owner's bed!" 

“The ultimate watch-lady, she keeps a keen eye on our pasture-grazing animals."

“How can you not want to pet these woolly, lovable characters! These are a farm favorite!!!"

“These guys (and gals) may be dwarfs, but when it comes to courage..they're GIANTS!!" 

“Gentle and great for milking. She's the biggest sweetheart! " 

“Although they eat bugs, grubs and slugs; they are quite noisy. They've become a fixture of the farm."

“These ones are able to pasture pick all day, and when ready lay eggs in their spacious nests." 

“The first to graze in our fields, our baboon keeps watch over all her new animals friends. " 

“Our bunnies stay in a nice indoor hutch with an outside area where they hop around the open fields."

“These girls grow quickly, and really know how to tear up the grass! But, we love to see their fun, dirty faces." 

“Often confused as Llamas, the smaller-sized Alpaca are low-maintenance grazers" 

Maremma Sheepdog

Maremma Sheedog

Bluebird Farm's Animals



"Jack & Jess"

Babydoll Sheep

English Shepard



Nigerian Dwarf Goat


Nigerian Dwarf Goat


Tamworth Pig

Guinea Fowl

"Marley "


New Zealand/California Cross Rabbit




Laying Hen


Peking Duck