As a guardians to our livestock, you'd be surprised how cuddly these dogs are with our farm visitors.

Maremma Sheepdogs

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Animals at Bluebird Farm

Bluebird Farm is home to many fun, loving animals. Our flocks and herds are kept small so they can enjoy the pastures. Many times you will see our animals grazing along our estate's green hills and eating grass. We introduce you to some of our most beloved animals. They hope to meet you soon!


Family Comes First

Miniature Juliana Pig

Babydoll Sheep

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Free-Range Chicken

Our miniature guys are a cute and fluffy breed of sheep. They graze the land and fertilize the pastures.

Daisy is our miniature pig. She is our honorary farm foreman who lives in our home. She loves to greet all guests and even does tricks!

These cute goats are spunky, mischievous, and kind hearted. Don't be surprised to see them hoping around our animal pasture!

These chickens are pasture raised and are free to eat off the land.

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