We are Bluebird Farm, a brother & sister with their parents - Joe, Lisa, Carmen, and Joseph. In 2015 we purchased a small home and 40-acres in Willington, CT. We are proud of what we have accomplished. Here is our story.

We grew up accustomed to attending large family gatherings. There has always been a sense of food, laughter and love among our French Canadian heritage. Our evenings were dedicated to supporting school plays or basketball games. Every Sunday morning we'd have breakfast with our grandparents ("Poppop" & "Meme") and listen and learn about their past, present and... their expectations for our future!

Family Comes First... at Bluebird Farm

Family Comes First

Meet The Family

Primarily living in New York City, Joe has had numerous experiences in marketing & event services. Joe brings all of what he has learned from these experiences to make your time at Bluebird Farm as magical and fun as possible. To him, you are not just visiting a farm, you are coming to a place in which to create long-lasting memories. May it be staying in a treehouse, the barn loft, or holding your wedding on the property... there'll be no comparison to level of attention and care we give to you at Bluebird Farm. We welcome you and yours to come visit all the beauty that is... Bluebird Farm.

Joseph and Carmen Hall

Joseph Adam Lee

Chief Executive Officer

Co-Founders & Chief Farming Officers

Joseph and Carmen have cultivated a magical property for you to feed animals, pick fresh fruit/vegetables, and roam green, lush hills. Since 2016, Bluebird Farm has hosted over 500 guests at our farmstay and treehouse. Since 2019, Bluebird Farm has hosted 100s of guests at weddings, retreats, birthday parties, retirement parties, and other intimate gatherings. However, among all the services offered by Bluebird Farm CT., Joseph and Carmen have preserved their original vision of raising animals, growing crop, and becoming connected to a piece of land that they love. Joseph and Carmen look forward to meeting you!

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Growing up in Maine, we loved the outdoors and farm culture. Carmen would make strawberry jelly and Joe would dedicate time to restoring the Appalachian Trail. We even had a few chickens and goats living in our back yard! Like many families, ours evolved, but a part of us always missed what was once commonplace in our lives: a family eating a delicious meals with hilarious conversations. After nearly 10 years of only seeing one another during holidays, we decided it was time to bring the family closer together.  

During the Winter 2015, we knew what we had to do.

The idea began to find a place wherein we could grow crops, raise livestock, and host large gatherings.  Our lifelong passion for people, place and hospitality inspired us to create a working farm and rustic wedding venue. Our goal is simple, anyone who comes to Bluebird Farm Ct. is treated with love, laughter and respect.

Today, there are many activities happening at the farm. We raise livestock. We sell locally produced & pasture-raised products at our farm stand. We reconverted a section of our working barn into a livable loft space. We renovated a 1918 barn into a rustic wedding and event venue. We built a treehouse that overlooks our animals and property. Nothing can compare to the pleasure and pride we get every day from hearing so many compliments from our happy customers.

We love what we do!

We welcome you to Bluebird Farm and can't wait to  share some memories!

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Lisa Bussiere

Wedding & Events Director

As part of the first couple to tie the knot in the farm's wedding venue, Lisa knows firsthand the magic that Bluebird Farm brings to weddings. After a fulfilling career as a teacher, she transitioned into her dream role as the Wedding & Events Director at the farm. With her passion for creating unforgettable experiences and her deep connection to the venue, Lisa is your go-to expert for all things weddings. Whether you're planning a grand celebration or an intimate gathering, Lisa is dedicated to making your special day perfect in every way.